Training Tuesday - Overhead Breaks (June 2 19:30)

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Training Tuesday - Overhead Breaks (June 2 19:30)

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Start / (End)
200602-19:30 (-22:00)
Type of event:
Version + Modules:
OB, Any fixed wing jets
Understand the overhead break pattern, have practiced a couple of them as single aircraft or as group.
Teamspeak 64-bit (Download)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (Download)(Info)
This evening we will focus on three things only, in an ambition to finally polish some stuff that "should be easy, but according to TacView replays are next to impossible".

1) Echelon formation (left/right)
2) Rapid check-ins
3) Overhead breaks

Kutaisi will not be open for other activities this evening.


Pilots will be organized in flights of 2-4 pilots. Use the callsigns specified on the in-game slot.
  1. Take off from Kutaisi RW 07, and exit North
  2. Form up immediately
  3. Switch to Control (Ch8) and perform a RAPID CHECK-IN
  4. Fly a smooth (small) arc to Entry West
  5. Switch back to Tower (Ch7) and perform a RAPID CHECK-IN
  6. Go Echelon Left or Right (depending on intended break direction, flight lead picks unless Tower require a certain direction this pass)
  7. Perform an overhead break
  8. Touch and go
  9. Change lead if you want
Repeat five times (or whatever you have time for)

After each touch and go, the excercise leader (maybe M4u3N, Fille, Justin, Apollo, Jax or in worst case, me...) will jump into your TS channel and give you roughly 30 seconds of feedback.
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About Echelon Formation
This is the formation we fly before we break. You fly next to and a little behind (and sliiightly below) the guy in front of you. You don't need to be super close, but DO NOT TRAIL. It's common to see our flights in a "echelon-but-looks-more-like-a-trail" formation, but tonight we will get rid of this habit.
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About Checkins
When you have switched to a new frequency, wait 5-10 seconds before you check in, to make sure you don't interrupt something important. When you check-in, say, in flight number order (in this example the flight is called Pinball8):
"Pinball Eight check in", "2!", "3!", "4!"

This should go QUICKLY! ~0.5 - 1.0 seconds between each call, not more. It's important, since you can't take up unecessary time on the frequency. Imagine if each of these checking take 15 seconds, and there are 10 flights coming into a frequency. That's almost 3 minutes of unecessary chatter to listen to.

About Overhead breaks
In echelon formation, fly along the runway direction 300 kts IAS at 1500' AGL. As soon as you reach the threshold (i.e the START of the runway), lead (#1) breaks. Then wait 5 seconds between each break.
  1. Maintain altitude through the break and downwind.
  2. Maintain visual on the guy in front of you (communicate if you lose sight of him).
  3. Don't break too hard. 1.5 - 2.0 nm sideway separation is good. Too close will give you all kinds of problems in the base turn.
  4. Gears and flaps. Get on-speed right away if you're in a Navy jet.
  5. Don't overtake the guy in front of you!
  6. Turn base when runway threshold is 45 degrees behind you (Sidewinder tip on the runway start).
  7. In the base turn, start with a 5-6 degree decent and then intecept the 3 degree glideslope.
  8. Land (in this case, touch and go)
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1 Knugen
2 Smoker
3 Apollo

Enfield4 (F/A-18C Kutaisi)
1 Iko
2 Bejo
3 Hobus
4 Warcock

Ford5 (F/A-18C Kutaisi)
1 Ironsavior
2 Wallgren
3 Kinglevel
4 Mango

Devil1 (F/A-18C Kutaisi)
1 Jackflash
2 Vapor

Zodiac5 (F/A-18C Kutaisi)
1 Bucketeye
2 Punch

Fenris4 (AJS 37 Kutaisi)
1 Aniron

Echo2 (F-16C Kutaisi)
1 Lynx
2 Bambi
3 Bankler / Jax

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Namn IRL: Hampus Bankler

Re: Training Tuesday - Overhead Breaks

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Re: Training Tuesday - Overhead Breaks (June 2 19:30)

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Information från tornet:

○ 300kts är en påtvingad hastighet för ikväll. Accelerera upp till denna fart snarast efter ni lyft från banan och se till att håll den tills ni bryter (555 km/h för Viggar)
○ Efter lyft så flyg till Exit North och fortsätt på radial 358 tills strax innan DME 12nm (22 km för viggar)
○ Sväng vänster för att fånga upp DME 12-arcen och följ denna till strax innan final bearing
○ Fånga upp final bearing och flyg denna tills bryt
○ Repetera

Grupperna kommer att starta med 90 sekunders separation. Det kommer att vara andra grupper framför er och bakom er hela tiden, så var extra noga med att hålla hastigheten. (Det är helt OK för tvåan, trean eller fyran att accelerera över 300 knop för att komma ikapp resten av sin grupp).

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