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Justin Case
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Re: Debriefing DCS

Inlägg av Justin Case » 29 okt 2018, 23:16

Screen_181028_232344.png (1.24 MiB) Visad 2013 gånger
Ibland är det lätt att glömma hur dåligt Hornet bromsar i låg fart, känns lite överdrivet. Det blev en cool bild i alla fall.
Svaret på din fråga är antagligen "AKT POS / UT" eller *NAV, EGI och slutligen EAC.

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Re: Debriefing DCS

Inlägg av DeadEnd » 30 okt 2018, 13:07

Om bromsen skulle vara konstant kraft vore det en konstant deacceleration och farten skulle minska snabbt på slutet. Vi vet alla hur det känns i en bil om man stampar bromsen i låg fart. F18 är inte korrekt - ännu! Trodde det skulle vara fixat i somras...
--- Far o flyg! ---

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Re: Debriefing DCS

Inlägg av Rivvern » 15 mar 2019, 08:17

Hade en häftig flygning med Muppet igår.

Jag pilotade han satt som RIO. Vi startade på Stennis som befann sig en bit utanför Batumi. Vi gick mot fiendeland men vid kusten blev vi upplåsta av ett fartyg. SAM launch! Det blev turn and burn en stund sedan vände vi åter nosen mot norr.

Fick kontakt med 23or. Vi låste upp och avfyrade en Phoenix. Splash. Fortsatte djupare in i fientligt luftrum. Nästa phoenix offrade vi på ett civilt passagerarplan. Hoppsan. Sedan gick vi ännu djupare in. Kontakt, Tu22 Backfire på nosen flankandes höger. Muppet fipplade med robotarna. Till slut fick han ordning påt och sköt ner fnskapet.

RTB bränsle 6000. På väg ut ur fiendeland blir vi påhoppade av en MiG23a. Han skjuter en robot mot oss. Vi går defensive. Jag flyger och Muppet behåller eyes on samtidigt som han fäller chaff and flare. Efter en stund släpper banditen.

Vi tar oss hem och påbörjar landning på carriern med mindre än 1000 bränsle. Första försöket var ganska bra men blir ändå en bolter. Andra försöket testar jag spoilern, JÄVLAR, vi är påväg att störta! Avbryt, Avbryt!. Bolter bolter bolter. Tredje försöket och motorerna försöker suga i sig ångarna ur tankarna. Försöker hålla hastigheten och FPV på fartygsdecket. Vi sätter i däcket och kroken krokar i! Puh!

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Re: Debriefing DCS

Inlägg av Jax » 22 maj 2020, 13:02

Georgia On My Mind 16 - Mother Russia (21st May 2020)

Debriefing by Rattler 41, 2-ship F-16C Escort flight to Hammer 8 on the Voodoo Strike.

TLDR: Excellent mission briefing and documentation. Excellent structure and contingency plans by mission creator and key persons. Execution of strike at Voodoo suffered from erroneous push procedures from the Holds and distraction off own Fighter Sweep. Less congestions on AWACS channels would have given the possibility for clarification in time.
Till next time: Excellent setup with a pre/test-mission on Tuesday, next time involve holdings and push times on the test-mission.

My wingman and I went through the briefing material and flew several training sorties to practice flying together, navigating around Kutaisi according to new MA-procedures and also communication through SRS. Thanks to the Justin Cases TacView (malware?) file we could get exact feedback on the airspace structure - much appreciated. The overall experience with several com-channels with ATC and defined navigation in and out of the airbases really adds to the fun!
Exit North.png
Exit North.png (303.89 KiB) Visad 1404 gånger

We experienced technical issues in our F-16s but "thanks to" the server restart we had time to sort them out. Our com-channels were programed with wrong frequencies. Our two F-16s had the same frequencies stored in memory but not the same as the rest of the mission. When we discovered the error we could manually re-program them. Also the TIME on the DED was way off, both hours and minutes. The onboard analogue clock was correct however. After a time-check with Kutaisi GND we synced the clocks.

Taxi out and departure resulted in very poor FPS (Index VR, I7-6700K, 2080 TI). A good tip is to have the INS-page up on the DED to be able to read ground speed while taxiing - it's very hard to judge speed in poor fps which could lead to taxi-crashes. Due to the fps-issue we decided to have a little more separation during the take off roll.

Take off and departure went fine, also communication with ATC was top notch and very realistic. Terminology on the Package channel was very professional. We arrived at the holding at 28000' as fragged. We had a near miss in the holding, two F/A-18s went right through with less than 300' separation. It's only a sim, but to crash due to a mid air collision after all preparations that went in to this would probably have resulted in me... raising my voice...
Near miss in holding.png
Near miss in holding.png (354.8 KiB) Visad 1404 gånger

From previous tests we knew that at this altitude, with this load out and speed, one complete circular orbit would take exactly 4 minutes at 30 degrees of bank. With a push time of 10:29 we could adjust our holding at both time 21 and 25. We pushed towards Voodoo and passed the Holding waypoint at 10:29:10, not perfect but good enough. As a flight lead, all these small goals on the way adds to the fun and complexity.
Time is 1029 PUSH!.png
Time is 1029 PUSH!.png (2.06 MiB) Visad 1404 gånger

Now this is were things went south. Since the Fighter Sweep Misty 3 were on a different channel we were not informed that they had deviated to the North West. When we pushed towards Voodoo we expected to have the Sweep a couple of minutes ahead of us and at 30 000'. And according to datalink we had 4 aircraft ahead of us at Angels 30. Good stuff! Or so we thought… I ordered: Rattler 42, go Line Abreast, Fence In!
Line Abreast, Fence In!.png
Line Abreast, Fence In!.png (438.08 KiB) Visad 1404 gånger
My wingman asked "Where is Hammer 8?". I don't know, I replied. We were supposed to escort them and shared the same push time. But they did not show up on Data-Link. The Package channel was too busy for any questions at that time. Reviewing the TacView afterwards I realized that Hammer 8 had not left the hold. They remained for another 23 minutes! Clearly a misunderstanding of push times.
Shortly thereafter two hostiles showed up and proceeded hot and with high speed. I was expecting the "Sweep" aircraft ahead of us to engage. There was only two MIGs, easy peasy for the Eagles. But then Focus with a slightly elevated voice instructed the aircraft ahead of us to turn cold immediately and one of them replied:


That's when a little word starting with an "F" was heard echoing inside my mind. The best thing about Situational Awareness is... having it. The moment you realize you don't, is the moment you regret getting out of bed.

The aircraft in front of us were not the Fighter Sweep, and when the MIG:s approached the Hornet SEAD strike turned straight toward us at roughly the same altitude. I was reluctant to fire the AMRAAMs through their formation.
Risky shoot, stand by!.png
Risky shoot, stand by!.png (235.17 KiB) Visad 1404 gånger
But what ultimately killed us was a rookie mistake from my part.

"TWO, ENGAGE TRAILING BANDIT! RATTLER 41 FOX 3! No missile left the rail. FOX 3!! Nothing… Some how the Master Arm switch was not armed. I could have sworn I'd covered that when fencing in but at this moment it was very much still left in SAFE.

Master Arm ON - FOX 3! Missile Warning!
RATTLER 42, incoming missile, BREAK RIGHT!


Turning back into the missile, I see it visually. It's not moving in my field of view… but it is getting slightly larger. That short word starting with an "F" made it out of the hollowness of my mind, through COM 2, and reached my wingman at roughly the same time as the R-27R reached me.

Game Over. Insert Coin.

All the preparation, all the training, all my ambitions and dreams. They all ended right there. No second chances, no opportunity to go back and make it right. This is a simulator. In the real world, this is called the fog of war, and the ultimate price. This is what our men and women in uniform risk every day. They do deserve our gratitude for taking these risks to ultimately protect us. Respect.

But since this is a simulator, I have the luxury of saying: Looking forward to next time!! Thanks everyone, awesome experience!
Dogfight = Den som drar spaken hårdast bakåt vinner.

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Re: Debriefing DCS

Inlägg av Swebeast » 16 nov 2020, 17:55

Hej Master Arms!

Jag vill å NOSIG's vägnar tacka för vårt samarbetet igår på vår Squad Night. Uppdraget var "Evacuation of Tbilisi" (DCS) och med gemensamma insatser gick allt väl. Tack till Bankler och Punch för att ni "höll skölden" mot lede fi. Det finns streams på Twitch och säkert också på Youtube för er som är nyfikna :)

Fly safe!

/NOSIG_MEA (Swebeast här på MA)

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