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Master Arms • Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)
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Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 24 maj 2019, 01:13
av Bankler
Georgia On My Mind 07 - Deja-Vu
AARGM1.jpg (61.75 KiB) Visad 1214 gånger
Starttid / (Sluttid)
190530-2000 (-2200)
Sista tid anmälan.
190530-1900 (men uppskattar verkligen anmälan i god tid! pretty pls <3 )
Typ av verksamhet:
Version + Moduler:
Open Beta, F/A-18C
CASE 1 Recovery
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)

Package lead: Deadmeat

Lineup :
(F/A-18C DEAD)
Slugger 1-1: Deadmeat
Slugger 1-2: Magistern
Slugger 1-3: Bankler
Slugger 1-4: Pocket

(F/A-18C DEAD)
Gypsy 1-1: Vingen
Gypsy 1-2: Jackflash
Gypsy 1-3: M4u3N
Gypsy 1-4: JonasD

(F/A-18C SEAD)
Weasel 1-1: Översten
Weasel 1-2: Knugen
Weasel 1-3: Mags
Weasel 1-4: Splash

Brawler 1-1: 132.David
Brawler 1-2: 132.JJ
Brawler 1-3: 132nd.Inigo
Brawler 1-4: 132nd.Professor

Sierra 1-1: ironsavior

(AWACS/JSTARS combined)
Overlord: Mauritz

(CVN-74 Marshal/Airboss combined)
Stennis: Mauritz

Georgian forces are eagerly preparing a push to take back the airports in Abkhazia. Most of the pro-Russian rebel supply lines are cut, but our strike against the air defences this morning only resulted in a partial success with minor damage caused to the enemy. Five hours later, a new package is launched, with high hopes of success. In order to be able to provide future close air support for the planned assault, we need to disable the enemy air defences protecting the airports.
The enemy appears alerted by our earlier attempt. Allied spec ops recon teams have observed convoys heading south along the shore from Sochi. Helicopter activity in the area has increased as well. While limited by the lack of remaining operational bridges connecting Russia and Abkhazia, it’s not unlikely that the enemy is trying to reinforce their positions at Sukhimi and Gudauta.

In order to open up the airspace for close air support, US Navy has decided to launch another DEAD package against the air defences protecting Sukhumi-Babushara and Gudauta.

Time and weather:
* May 7 - 2005
* 1740 local time
* Clear weather
* CASE 1 conditions

Package mission:
Destroy all enemy tracking radars at Sukhumi-Babushara and Gudauta. Destroy as much as possible of the SAM sites (search radars, launchers and command vehicles), as well as any enemy AAA. Airborne helicopters in the area are assumed to be moving enemy troops in and out of the target area and are considered medium priority targets.

Tasking overview:
* SLUGGER 1 (four-ship F/A-18C on DEAD) will attack stationary air defence assets with JDAMs.
* GYPSY 1 (four-ship F/A-18C on DEAD) will follow up Slugger's attack destroying remaining air defence assets.
* WEASEL 1 (four-ship of F/A-18C on SEAD) will destroy the enemy tracking- and search radars.
* BRAWLER 1 (four-ship F/A-18C on BARCAP) will protect the other flights from airborne threats.
* SIERRA 1 (UH-1H on SAR) will standby airborne for SAR duty.

Order of events overview:
1) Package departs from Stennis (and extra spawn-carrier).
2) Brawler establishes BARCAP, while Slugger and Gypsy hits the tanker, standing-by.
3) With BARCAP established, Weasel attacks the SA-11 at Sukhumi and the SA-2 at Gudauta.
If tracking radars are down:
4) Weasel RTB. Slugger commences and hits their targets with JDAMs. Slugger RTB.
5) In ~3 minute trail after Slugger, Gypsy commences and hits their targets with Mk20s (1-2 passes). Gypsy RTB.
6) With all three A/G flights out of the AO, Brawler RTB.
7) Package recovers on Stennis.

* Bullseye on WP2
* Air threats: Third and fourth gen fighters and helicopters
* Ground threats: SA-11, SA-2, SA-10, Manpads, ZSU-23 AAA
* No known ready-alert fighters on Sukhumi or Gudauta (MiG-21:s reported on Sochi)
* SA-10 on Sochi (33 nm from Gudauta)
* Joker: 6000 lbs
* Bingo: 4000 lbs

* SIERRA 1: 17:00 (Oliver Hazzard Perry)
* BRAWLER 1: 17:56 (Carrier B)
* WEASEL 1: 17:58 (Carrier A)
* SLUGGER 1: 18:00 (Carrier A)
* GYPSY 1: 18:02 (Carrier B)

* SLUGGER 1: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT x 1, GBU-38 x 4
* GYPSY 1: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT x 2, Mk20 x 4, AGM-88 x 1
* WEASEL 1: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 2, XT x 1, AGM-88 x 4
* BRAWLER 1: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 6, XT x 2

* Weapons free on all aircraft declared hostile, and all ground units around the airfields except near the towers where collateral damage is a concern.

Common Comms:
* Ch 1 Package: 305.00
* Ch 2 Stennis: 264.00 (74X, BRC 268)
* Ch 3 CAP: 265.00
* Ch 4 AI-AWACS: 256.00
* Ch 19 Tanker: 253.00 (101X, 102X and 103X)

Flight Comms (if not using TS):
* Ch 5 SLUGGER 1 PRI: 254.00
* Ch 6 SLUGGER 1 SEC: 250.00
* Ch 7 GYPSY 1 PRI: 270.00
* Ch 8 GYPSY 1 SEC: 257.00
* Ch 9 WEASEL 1 PRI: 255.00
* Ch 10 WEASEL 1 SEC: 262.00
* Ch 11 BRAWLER 1 PRI: 259.00
* Ch 12 BRAWLER 1 SEC: 268.00

* SLUGGER 1 PRI: 50 - 113Y
* SLUGGER 1 SEC: 51 - 114Y
* GYPSY 1 PRI: 52 - 115Y
* GYPSY 1 SEC: 53 - 116Y
* WEASEL 1 PRI: 54 - 117Y
* WEASEL 1 SEC: 55 - 118Y
* BRAWLER 1 PRI: 56 - 119Y
* BRAWLER 1 SEC: 57 - 120Y

* SHELL - 103X
* TEXACO - 102X
* ARCO - 101X
* Senaki-Kolkhi (Divert Field) - 31X

Detailed tasking - SLUGGER 1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis 18:00
WP1 - Ingress (along shoreline)
WP2 - SA-11 site (cluster of mobile targets: Snow Drift, SA-11 launchers, command vehicles, fuel trucks etc)
WP3 - Shilka (single mobile)
WP4 - Flat Face
WP5 - Shilka (single mobile)
WP6 - Fan Song
WP7 - Launcher
WP8 - Launcher
WP9 - Launcher
WP10 - Launcher
WP11 - Launcher
WP12 - Launcher
WP13 - Sochi-Adler Airport (not a target)

* Takeoff and head directly to the tanker for top-off
* Eliminate as much of the air defences as possible at Sukhumi-Babushara and Gudauta
* On “Package: Knock it off” call: RTB

Detailed tasking - GYPSY 1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis 18:02
WP1 - Ingress (BARCAP point)
WP2 - Sukhumi-Babushara Airport SA-11 site (Bullseye)
WP3 - Gudauta Airport SA-2 site
WP4 - Sochi-Adler Airport (not a target)

* Takeoff and head directly to the tanker for top-off
* Standby to engage the enemy tracking radars if Weasel fails (this is a backup task, hopefully not needed)
* When tracking radars are destroyed, and Slugger has made its first drop, follow up and eliminate as much of the air defences as possible at Sukhumi-Babushara and Gudauta in 1-2 passes (avoid extended loitering!)
* On “Package: Knock it off” call: RTB

Detailed tasking - WEASEL 1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis 17:58
WP1 - BARCAP point
WP2 - Sukhumi-Babushara Airport (Bullseye)
WP3 - Gudauta Airport
WP4 - Sochi-Adler Airport (not a target)

* Destroy SA-11 and Snow Drift radars at WP2 (CRITICAL)
* Destroy Fan Song (CRITICAL) and Flat Face radars at WP3
* On “Package: Knock it off” call: RTB

Detailed tasking - BRAWLER 1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis 17:56
WP1 - BARCAP point
WP2 - Sukhumi-Babushara Airport (Bullseye)
WP3 - Gudauta Airport
WP4 - Sochi-Adler Airport (not a target)

* Establish BARCAP over WP1 at 20000-25000 ft. Engage any hostile airborne targets providing a direct threat to the package.
* Dedicated CAP channel Ch 3 (265.00)
* On “Package: Knock it off” call: RTB.

Detailed tasking - SIERRA 1
* Get airborne and standby for SAR duty.
* When nearby the carrier, stay starboard below 300 feet.

Detailed tasking - OVERLORD
* Guide BRAWLER 1 flight on dedicated CAP channel 265.00 (ch 3 preset) to intercept any airborne bandits providing a threat to the package
* Warn other flights on 305.00 if in danger
* During the ingress, if in immediate danger, temporarily send the A/G flights south to give BRAWLER room to intercept any threats
* If necessary, task SLUGGER, GYPSY and WEASEL flight on 305.00 (ch 1 preset) to intercept airborne threats

Detailed tasking - AIRBOSS
* Supervise carrier spawning and taxi.
* On carrier A, get Weasel 1-1 through 1-4 at cat 1 through 4, with Slugger in cue behind the deflector shields.
* On carrier B, get Brawler 1-1 through 1-4 at cat 1 through 4, and Gypsy in cue behind the deflector shields.
* Launch ONE CAT AT A TIME (5+ seconds intervals) in 1, 2, 3, 4 (right to left) order.
* If we miss the takeoff time because of delays (spawning problems or whatever), try to still maintain the 2 minute launch interval between each flight.
* On RTB: Stack flights in the overhead pattern over Stennis (lowest fuel state at 2000, then 3000, then 4000 etc) and give charlie calls to bring them down. Everybody will land on carrier A (carrier B will depart from the group after launch).
* Paddles help is cool, but during the recovery, the controling duties (bringing people down from the stack, advise in bolter pattern etc) are more important than the LSO stuff.
05_Overview.png (2.7 MiB) Visad 1214 gånger
06_Target_A.png (2.92 MiB) Visad 1214 gånger
05_Target_B.png (2.5 MiB) Visad 1214 gånger
06_SpecOpsPhoto.png (1.87 MiB) Visad 1214 gånger
Missionfil: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)

Tacview: (Laddas upp efter genomfört event)

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 24 maj 2019, 14:25
av Översten
Är ledsamt att man missat dina tidigare missions, men det här ser fantastiskt ut 8-)

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 26 maj 2019, 00:56
av deadmeat

Officiellt mission soundtrack?

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 27 maj 2019, 00:32
av Bankler
TL;DR. Mod making the spotting slightly easier. You don't NEED to use this. But you're allowed to!

In this event, we will allow the use of our modified Labels.lua file, that will render a tiny little gray dot to compensate for the lacking DCS visibility. Because of this, full labels will technically be allowed on the server. Obviously, you can't (and you don't want to) use default full labels. You can only have labels enabled (shift-F10) if you are using this modified file (you are free to change the font size in the top row in the file if the dot is completely invisible on your screen regardless of distance, somewhere around 12-15 is usually good).

Attaching the modified file and screenshots of how it looks with and without.
VisionModDisabled.png (2.62 MiB) Visad 1055 gånger
VisionModEnabled.png (2.63 MiB) Visad 1055 gånger
(1.6 KiB) Nerladdad 31 gånger
  • Paste it here: C:\Users\xxx\Saved Games\DCS\Config\View (you can use OVGME if you want)
  • Make sure you enable "full labels" in your settings.
  • Test it, for instance with the attached mission. You should be able to (barely) see the Hornet to your left.
There's no way that I know of to enforce the mod (i.e making sure nobody uses default labels), and frankly I don't care. I assume we don't have any cheaters in this amazing bunch of people anyway.

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 27 maj 2019, 00:37
av Bankler
TL;DR: Naah, this stuff is pretty important. Please read it mmkay. :)

More info regarding difficulty settings and such:

* F10 map is set to "MAP ONLY".
* F2 external view (own aircraft) is enabled. Feel free to take some nice screenshots and put in this thread after the event. (If you hate this, simply don't use it and please don't make a deal out of it, same goes for the labels mod file)

* SRS for comms between flights and AWACS.
* TS for flight internal comms (a flight may opt to instead use SRS Ch 5-18 if you prefer)
* Callsigns (i.e Brawler 1-1 etc) are used even around the carrier (not side numbers).

Death and respawn
* Normally, if you get shot down or crash, you are out.
* However, if you disconnect because of network problem or CTD during the early part of the mission, or if you die or get damaged before takeoff (for any reason) you may respawn in the same slot and join the action (if your buddies have already dropped their firecrackers, just form up and join the recovery, don't go to the target, it'll take too much time).
* Otherwise, if you die, you MAY:
1) Join SRS in AWACS mode and follow the action on the F10 map, drinking beer.
2) Take on the Tower/marshal and/or LSO role (Join SRS in AWACS mode), or even AWACS if we don't already have one.
3) Respawn in an airfield-standby slot, staying out of the action, practicing field landings or so. (Not at the carrier)
4) Step away, spend some time with the family, and join up for the debriefing.

Carrier spawn
* Stay in the main TS channel until you're cleared to spawn (Bankler (or AWACS, or Tower) will supervise it).
* DCS carrier spawn is a nightmare, but we'll try to make it happen. We are divided on two carriers. A flight will spawn in on cold start, start engines (no need to request startup permission), and taxi to the carrier landing zone (or bow, if needed), staying clear of the spawnpoints. Then the next flight "should" be able to spawn. If things go bad, even after a few attempts, we have some backup plans (cat spawn etc). Be patient.
* If one of the pilots has to respawn because of problems, the flight will wait for him, on the carrier. Don't launch until you're all ready to go.

* After the mission. We'll debrief in TS. If you can't or don't want stay for that, please at least let us know (PM Bankler in Discord).

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 28 maj 2019, 10:35
av Bankler
Risk: Extended loitering time over target area, allowing enemy ready alert time to launch, resulting in a complicated and dangerous A/A situation.
Precaution 1: Slugger 1 flight will only make one pass on each target group dropping JDAMs from high alt, high speed.
Precaution 2: Gypsy 1 flight is limited to two bomb runs per target group and aircraft (max two runs at Sukhumi and max two runs at Gudauta).
Precaution 3: It's fine to bring stores back! We'll drop them another day.
Precaution 4: If CAP flight (Brawler) is winchester, bingo or for other reason cannot cover the package, we will knock it off and return to mother.

Risk: 16+ aircraft package makes blue on blue accidents likely.
Precaution 1: Use "ray gun [altitude]" (if you're not 100% it's a bandit) and "buddy spike [altitude]" calls on package channel
Precaution 2: Unless you need to fire right away (your target is coming right at you), realize that people may miss your raygun call because of radio traffic and stress, so use judgement and Awacs declare request if available to verify your target.

Risk: Fuel problems, making it stressful/dangerous to recover.
Precaution 1: Always preserve fuel! Go to high altitude when able. Avoid afterburner.
Precaution 2: Proactively report fuel state to flight lead. Flight supervises newer pilots. Flight lead reports to package lead when joker/bingo on lowest fuel aircraft.

Risk: Getting stuck behind the tanker, wasting time and others' fuel.
Precaution 1: Practice a few AAR rounds before the mission if you feel rusty (KC-130 and KC-135 will be used).
Precaution 2: Don't fill up max unless you need it (~6000 lbs is enough for the ~30nm from tanker to mother and land).
Precaution 3: If somebody gets completely stuck and low on fuel, flight lead should divert that aircraft as single-ship to Kobuleti TCN 67X.

Risk: Getting into a bolter streak at the carrier, getting low fuel, panicking, dying.
Precaution 1: Run a couple of rounds in Bankler's CASE 1 recovery trainer to tune those skills. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221412
Precaution 2: Don't jettison external tank(s) unless you really need to. Low-on-fuel featherlight aircraft are floaty and hard to land, so the extra weight of the empty tanks often make things easier, and worth the extra drag and fuel consumption.

Risk: SA-11 site (WP2) or SA-2 site (WP3) is still active when the bomb trucks (Slugger and Gypsy) roll in, killing them.
Precaution 1: Slugger and Gypsy are not allowed to approach a site if the tracking radar is still up and running.
Precaution 2: If Weasel flight runs into problems, or runs out of HARMs, each of the aircraft in Gypsy has one extra HARM as backup.
Precaution 3: If package runs out of HARM missiles, we'll ignore any targets still protected by a tracking radar, accepting a partial success or mission failed.

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 29 maj 2019, 02:16
av Bankler
TL;DR Standard CASE 1 procedures. Controlled by tower (not zip-lip). Flying safe and using clear comms is important. Perfect brevity is not.

* Launch one at a time in Cat order (1, 2, 3, 4), right to left. 5 seconds intervals.
* Make a little clearing turn towards your side of the ship, then line up with BRC.
* Fly 500' ~300 kts straight ahead. Flight forms up.
* At 7nm DME, climb and check in on package channel.

When returning to mother, we will perform a CASE 1 recovery. It will not be zip lip, but controlled by Tower. Perfect brevity and comms is not the most important thing here. Flying safe, communicating smart, and getting down in one piece is the primary goal.

When leaving the AO, join up with your flight asap. Communicate fuel state to lead. He'll make the call if you need to hit the tanker.

* Setup your stuff as soon as possible (it sucks doing it over the boat when you're stressed). TCN 74X, HSI to 10 nm, Course line to BRC 268. Hook down.
* Check in with flight on Ch 2. Remain on this channel from now on.
* Flight lead contacts marshal. If you want, say fancy "Marking mother etc etc". At LEAST report "[Flight Callsign], [lowest fuel state], [distance to mother]".
* Note: For various reasons, we're using Callsigns (i.e "Slugger 1-1" etc) around the boat, not side numbers.
* You'll get an assigned altitude by marshal. Try to get down to this altitude before 10nm DME. If lead wants to be cool, say "See you at 10 (or whatever distance)" when you see the boat.
* Enter a left hand ~5nm diameter ~250 kts circular port hold over the boat. Report "established at [altitude]" to marshal. (left hand fingertip formation if you're cool)
* When marshal gives you the call "charlie" (i.e "commence"), fly to point 3 in the circle, go echelon right and start descending to 800' at 350 kts, heading aft.
* Make a smooth turn into the BRC, reaching it aft ~3nm DME behind the ship. Call out "[Flight callsign] initial".
* Enter the break as a 4-ship, breaking with 10-15 seconds intervals. (Call out "in the break", "abeam [fuelstate]" and of course the ball call).
* Fly sweet pattern and land.
* If you bolter, turn slightly right aligning with BRC, climb to 600' and enter the pattern (tower might give you directions, otherwise, just look out for traffic, turn left to downwind, don't panic, land).

Note: As you come in on initial, if "the pattern is full", the airboss might direct you to "spin it!". If this happens, pass the boat on the right side (like you normally would), but then go up to 1200' and perform another big left circle on the port side (just like before, in the stack, but remain at ~350 kts). Airboss will soon give you a new charlie call, after which you can exit the overhead spin, and go towards initial, just like before.

CaseIDeadEndv1.3.png (387.35 KiB) Visad 893 gånger
PVpTvWW.png (1.63 MiB) Visad 893 gånger

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 30 maj 2019, 19:23
av deadmeat
Slugger flight internal order of targets:

w.12 backup

w.5 x2,

w.3 x2 if needed,
w.6, if alive


2x = 2 bombs

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 30 maj 2019, 21:32
av Shiggan
NEEEEEEEEEJJJJ!!!!!! Hur har jag missat detta :cry: :cry: :cry: . Jag som för en gångs skull var hemma

Re: Georgia On My Mind 06 - Deja-Vu (30 maj)

Postat: 30 maj 2019, 23:27
av Översten
Weasel 1-1, F/A-18 Hornet, SEAD
- Vi startade efter lite organisering på båten. Vi samlade fint och hade en plan för hur vi skulle göra. Vi fullföljde den och det funkade finemang! Vi slog ut SA-11 och sedan gick vi och slog ut SA-2. Vi provade att gå till tankern men vi avbröt.
Vad var bra?:
- Super bra jobb av hela gruppen. Alla gjorde det vi hade kommit över ens om. Vi hade god följsamhet.
Vad var dåligt och hur kan vi förbättra detta?
- Är själv lite ringrostig efter två månaders frånvaro för det mesta gick det bra.
Feedback på uppdraget:
- Super bra. Grattis Bankler till ett superfint uppdrag! Hoppas på mer!