Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

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Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

Inlägg av Bankler » 11 sep 2019, 23:30


Starttid / (Sluttid):
190912-2000 (-2200)
Sista tid anmälan:
190912-1900 (men uppskattar anmälan så tidigt det går!)
Typ av verksamhet:
Mission - CAP / SEAD
Version + Moduler:
Open Beta, F/A-18C, F-14B, Viggen
CASE 1 Recovery (för Hornet/Tomcat)
Teamspeak 64-bit (LADDA NER)
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone (LADDA NER)(INFO)

Package lead: Översten

Lineup :
(F-14B HVT Hunter)
ASSASSIN11: Översten / Jedi
ASSASSIN12: Fritter

(F/A-18C Escort)
VENOM21: M4u3N
VENOM22: JustinCase

(F/A-18C SEAD)
ZAP31: Jackflash
ZAP32: Vulture

(F/A-18C SEAD)

COWBOY51: Ironsavior
COWBOY52: Angel
COWBOY53: Gibby
COWBOY54: Appel82

GATOR61: Iko
GATOR62: Bejo

(AJS 37 Strike)
FENRIS71: Cpt.Filip
FENRIS72: Aniron

(A-10C DEAD)
HAWG81: AMVI_Groove
HAWG82: AMVI_Banjo

Focus: Bankler

(CVN-74 Marshal/Airboss combined)
Stennis: Bankler
Paddles: Bankler

Russian air activity has increased drastically over the last 24 hours, and the enemy has started targeting Georgian air defences near the border as well as keeping constant CAP flights in the air, supported by tankers and A-50 AWACS aircraft.

In order to establish solid air superiority over Georgia, we need to establish a margin along the border, by hitting Russian SAM sites and early warning systems near the border. To weaken the enemy air asset effectivity, command has decided to launch a sortie to take out their AWACS aircraft patrolling east of Maykop.

USMC, USN, USAF, Georgian and Swedish air assets are taking turns providing defensive CAP patrolling the Georgian-Russian border. USAF F-16 fighters and Georgian F-5 fighters are currently airborne protecting the airspace. Our own USMC Hornets are primarily on station to support the rest of the package, but might be vectored to intercept any inbound bandits crossing the border.

Time and weather:
* May 14 - 2005
* 0735 local time
* Partly cloudy
* CASE 1 conditions
* FORCE QNH in area is 2992 / 1013

Package mission:
The package mission is to destroy the enemy A-50 aircraft, the search and tracking radars of two SA-2 sites and one 55G6 Nebo early warning radar.

Tasking overview:
* ASSASSIN1 (two-ship F-14B on HVT Hunt) will destroy the A-50.
* VENOM2 (two-ship F/A-18C on Escort) will escort ASSASSIN1.
* ZAP3 and WEASEL4 (two-ships F/A-18C on SEAD) will destroy the SA-2 radars.
* COWBOY5 and GATOR6 (two/four-ships F/A-18C on BARCAP) will cover the airspace in the AO.
* FENRIS7 (two/four-ship AJS 37 on Strike) will destroy the 55G6 Nebo EW radar.
* HAWG7 (two-ship A-10C on DEAD) will destroy remaining SA-2 assets after the SEAD attacks.

Order of events overview:
1) Package departs from Stennis (FENRIS 7 from Batumi).
2) COWBOY5 and GATOR6 establish CAP stations ASAP.
3) ASSASSIN1 and VENOM2 crosses the border towards the A-50 location.
4) ZAP3 and WEASEL4 commits on the SA-2 sites, while Fenris7 attacks the EW radar.
5) ASSASSIN1 kills the A-50, and leaves Russian covered by VENOM2.
6) With the SA-2 radars taken out, HAWK 8 will clean up the SA-2 sites.
6) Package recovers on Stennis (FENRIS7 on Batumi).

* Bullseye: WP1
* Air threats: Third and fourth gen fighters and helicopters, hostile AWACS airborne
* Ground threats: n/a
* Joker: 6000 lbs
* Bingo: 4000 lbs

* HAWG8: 08:00
* GATOR6: 08:00
* COWBOY5: 08:02
* WEASEL4: 08:04 (CAT 1, CAT 2)
* ZAP3: 08:05 (CAT 3, CAT 4)
* ASSASSIN1: 08:06 (CAT 1, CAT 2)
* VENOM2: 08:07 (CAT 3, CAT 4)
* FENRIS7: 08:08

* ASSASSIN1: AIM-54 x 2, AIM-7 x 3, AIM-9M x 2, XT x 2
* VENOM2: AIM-9X x 4, AIM-120C x 4, XT x 3
* ZAP3: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 4, AGM-88 x 2, XT x 2 (Double ugly)
* WEASEL4: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 4, AGM-88 x 2, XT x 2 (Double ugly)
* COWBOY 5: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 6, XT x 3
* GATOR6: AIM-9X x 2, AIM-120C x 6, XT x 3
* FENRIS7: ARAK, Rb24J x 2, XT (Free to change to Rb75 or other weapon of choice)
* HAWG8: AGM-65D x 2, AGM-65H x 2, CBU-97 x2, CBU-87 x2, TGP, ECM, AIM-9 x 2 (Free to change)

* All Russian aircraft are considered hostile.
* Weapons free on all aircraft declared hostile.

Common Comms: (See separate FENRIS presets below)
* Ch 1 Package: 305.00
* Ch 2 Stennis (AI, for calling lights on): 264.00 (74X, BRC 264, FB: 255)
* Ch 3 Stennis (Human airboss/marshal/etc): 265.00
* Ch 4 AI-AWACS: 256.00
* Ch 5 Backup/CAP: 254.00
* Ch 6 Stennis Backup 250.00
* Ch 14 Batumi: 260.00 (16X)
* Ch 19 Navy Tankers: 253.00 (101X, 102X and 103X)
* Ch 20 Air Force Tanker: 266.00 (104X)

Flight Comms (if not using TS):
* Ch 7 ASSASSIN1 AUX: 270.00
* Ch 8 VENOM2 AUX: 257.00
* Ch 9 ZAP3 AUX: 255.00
* Ch 10 WEASEL4 AUX: 262.00
* Ch 11 COWBOY5 AUX: 259.00
* Ch 12 GATOR6 AUX: 268.00
* Ch 13 FENRIS7 AUX: 269.00 ("G" preset in AJS 37)
* Ch 15 HAWG8 AUX: 263.00

* ASSASSIN1 PRI: 50 - 113Y
* VENOM2 PRI: 51 - 114Y
* ZAP3 PRI: 52 - 115Y
* WEASEL4 PRI: 53 - 116Y
* COWBOY5 PRI: 54 - 117Y
* GATOR6 PRI: 55 - 118Y
* HAWG8 PRI: 56 - 119Y

* ARCO - 101X - KC-130 at 15.000'
* TEXACO 1 - 102X - KC-135MPRS at 19.000'
* SHELL - 103X - KC-130 at 12.000'
* TEXACO 2 - 104X - KC-135 at 16.000' (USAF boom tanker)

* STENNIS - 74X (BRC 264, 264.00)

* Senaki-Kolkhi (Divert Field) - 31X (261.00)
* Kutaisi (Divert Field) - 44X (263.00)
* Tblisi-Lochini (Divert Field) - 25X (267.00)
* Batumi (Divert Field) - 16X (260.00)

Detailed tasking - ASSASSIN1
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Russian border
WP3 - Estimated A-50 position

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* Fly NOE towards WP3, preferably undetected
* Kill A-50 aircraft

Detailed tasking - VENOM2
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Russian border
WP3 - Estimated A-50 position

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* Escort ASSASSIN1
* Follow ASSASSIN1 NOE towards WP3, preferably undetected
* Be ready to engage A-50 if ASSASSIN1 fails to kill it

Detailed tasking - ZAP3 and WEASEL4
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Russian border
WP3 - SA-2 site

Note: WP2 and WP3 are at different locations for each flight, targeting different SA-2 sites.

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* When CAP is established, attack SA-2 radars
* When SEAD attacks are complete, standby for CAS tasking

Detailed tasking - COWBOY5 and GATOR6
WP0 - Takeoff from Stennis
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - South CAP point
WP3 - North CAP point

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* Provide BARCAP until package is RTB

Note: WP2 and WP3 are at different locations for each flight.

Detailed tasking - FENRIS7
WP0 - Takeoff from Batumi
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - IP
WP3 - Target: EW radar
WP4 - Secondary target: Artillery

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* When CAP is established, attack EW radar
* If fuel state and time allows, attack secondary targets at WP4

* S1 Package: 305.00
* S2 Batumi: 260.00 (16X)
* S3 Stennis (Human airboss/marshal/etc): 265.00
* E AI-AWACS: 256.00
* F Backup/CAP: 254.00
* G Flight comms 269.00
* H (Guard): 243.00

Detailed tasking - HAWG8
WP0 - Takeoff from Batumi
WP1 - Ingress / Bullseye
WP2 - Target: SA-2 site WEST
WP3 - Target: SA-2 site EAST
WP4 - Secondary target: Armor / Light AA

* Takeoff, check in with FOCUS
* Hold at WP1 (Bullseye)
* When CAP is established and SA-2 radars destroyed by SEAD, attack SA-2 sites.
* If fuel state and time allows, attack secondary targets at WP4

Detailed tasking - FOCUS
* Guide ASSASSIN1 flight to kill the A-50.
* Guide BARCAP flights (COWBOY5 and GATOR6) on Package channel (305.00) or dedicated CAP channel 254.00 (ch 5 preset) to intercept any airborne bandits providing a threat to the package.
* After CAP3 and WEASEL4 have completed their SEAD attacks, they will be available for CAP duty.

Detailed tasking - AIRBOSS
* Supervise carrier spawning and taxi.
* Spawn all Tomcats, leave them on the elevators.
* Spawn all Hornets. Aircraft spawning on the elevators remain in place. All Hornets spawning on cats taxi to the 6 pack, behind Cat 2.
* If problems arise, spawn Tomcats on backup carrier.
* Launch ONE CAT AT A TIME (5 seconds intervals) in 1, 2, 3, 4 (right to left) order.
* If we miss the takeoff time because of delays (spawning problems or whatever), try to still maintain the ~2 minute launch interval between each flight.
* On RTB: Stack flights in the overhead pattern over Stennis (lowest fuel state at 2000, then 3000, then 4000 etc) and give charlie calls to bring them down.
* If workload allows, provide paddles.
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Re: Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

Inlägg av Mags » 12 sep 2019, 16:55

Ska träna ikväll, kan eventuellt joina sent som nåt slags CAP-förstärkning. Ge mig ett callsign bara ;)
We're in the pipe, five by five!

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

Inlägg av Översten » 12 sep 2019, 23:42

Assassin 1-1 Godfather, F-14 B, Sweep High value target/Package lead
- Vi startade och gick till tankern sedan pushade mot vårt mål. Allt gick enligt plan vi sköt ner AWACsen och deras Escort.
Vad var bra?:
- Koordinationen med Venom var riktigt bra. Internt i gruppen var bra Fritter tappade aldrig lead.
Vad var dåligt och hur kan vi förbättra detta?
- Mer rapportering till Package lead vore uppskattat.
Feedback på uppdraget:
- Bra jobbat Bankler
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"Håll spaken still så kommer helikoptern stå still"

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

Inlägg av iko » 12 sep 2019, 23:54


My slideshow as per usual.

We were the first flights off the deck at 08:00:





We got the RTB call a few moments later and had to dump fuel down to 6000:

Apple82 landing with a three wire:

Thanks Bankler, I thought you were being sneaky when the SA2's didn't show up and that you wanted us to provoke them.
Extra thanks to Bejo who had patience with my first or second lead ever!

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Re: Georgia On My Mind 13 - The Assassin (12 september)

Inlägg av AMVI_Vinci » 13 sep 2019, 00:20


Takeoff from Stennis and navigation to WPT 1. After a few turns in holding we proceded to refuel from Texaco and then back to holding. We never received a spike from the SA-2 so we committed to a couple of bogeys north of bullseye. Bogeys turned cold so we went back in CAP. After orders from FOCUS we switched CAP 100nm west of BE and waited for tasking. After 20 minutes in holding we went RTB. Because of the heavy weight i boltered 3 times and then finally landed.

1) I have a lot to catch up on carrier operations and i am sure you guys will be helpful in this regard
2) I am not quite sure why we left HAWG8 some 120 nm north of the closest friendlies but i will never argue with god's eye :lol: :lol:

Thanks again,


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